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21st - 22nd June 2019 



Revel Inn



Kids Fun

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Childrens Activities

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While we want everyone to have a great time, we also take the safety of children extremely seriously.

The festival is located on a working farm so there are areas that could be dangerous.  These will be marked off, but adventurous children may ignore these signs.  As a result, your children are your responsibility and you should know where they are at all times.  

In the unlikely event that parents and children become separated here are a few key tips:

- Please write your surname (NOT forename) on the inside of your child's festival wristband in a permanent marker (we'll have these on the gate) and your mobile number.

- Please ensure your child knows your name in case an announcement needs to be made (as there are lots of mummies and daddies!)

- As you enter, please point out the stewards (and explain that the stewards wear yellow tabards and are there to help children find their parents if they become separated) and the information tent (and explain to your child that they should go there if they get lost).

- Dress your child distinctively (bright colours, perhaps) and just to make sure you remember what they’re wearing on the day please take a photo (you may be surprised how many people forget)

- If you lose your child, please notify the stewards at the Information Tent (or any steward on site) and, if needed, they can make an announcement from the stage.

Lastly, please remember that it is an offence for any person to be drunk whilst responsible for a child so please drink responsibly and remember your responsibilities.


The ever popular Hula Hoop workshops returned in 2018 with huge success. Providing workshops and fun for all ages (no excuses please parents!) - although often the little ones prove to be far better at it!  

We look forward to welcoming the Hula Hoop workshops back to DorsetFest 2019.


At DorsetFest we are proud to run a family friendly festival for all ages. Each year we have a spectacular array of activities and entertainment for children including the wonderful Jamie Jigsaw and arts and crafts stalls. Below are examples of the fantastic selection at DorsetFest 2018, as soon as we have confirmed people attending DorsetFest19 we will update the website.

Hula Hoop workshops

Jamie Jigsaw

Easily the star of the show, Jamie Jigsaw has been fantastic every year! So much so, that he is already confirmed to thrill you all at DorsetFest19. Based in Poole, Jamie Jigsaw performs all over Dorset so we are delighted to have him at the festival. His array of skills include juggling, magic and stilt walking. He is guaranteed to bring a smile to all faces, young and not so young.


'The children laughed all the way through and Jamie is absoutely fantastic with the kids. He will not disappoint' - Party Mum.

Arts and Crafts

A personal favourite, the arts and crafts at DorsetFest offer the perfect place to relax and create some amazing things.

Creative Clay For All joined us at DorsetFest 18 and sculpted some amazing animals, figures and everything else. They offer workshops to develop and learn some new creative skills.

Friends of Cheselbourne School also arranged some beuatiful face painting - transforming faces into anything from graceful butterflies to ferocious tigers.


Feeling a little scruffy from the camping? fear not, DorsetFest has some brilliant stalls offering beautiful and creative accessories.

Glamour Hair jazzed up the crows at DorsetFest 18 with fantastic hair feathers and all things colourful. Never has the DorsetFest crowd looks so fabulous.

Namaste also provided a relaxed and chilled feeling whilst youre hand is decorated with intricate henna - an absolute essential of the festival experience.


Fun and Beauty

An Important Note...