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21st - 22nd June 2019 



Revel Inn



Kids Fun

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Best Photograph Competition

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Photo Competition Finalists

What is the Objective?


To get a selection of photos from DorsetFest 2017 festival that show the festival as a fun, family friendly music festival and that capture all the different elements of the day.



What are we looking for?


That's up to you.  It could be the music, the camping, the scenery. The most important thing is that it must be to do with DorsetFest 2017 and capture the spirit of the festival.  



How do I enter?


After the festival, simply e-mail your best photos to by midnight on Sunday 16th July 2017.  If you have lots of photos, please select a maximum of 10 and send idividually or use a free online transfer site like When you e-mail us, please include your name and a contact number



Are there any specifications?


The images must be hi-res as they may be used for printed adverts/articles in local press such as the Dorset Echo as well as online.  They must also be JPEG or PNG files.  



What about judging?


The entries will be reviewed by members of the DorsetFest Team and we will try to get a shortlist onto our Facebook (@DorsetFest) by the end of July, but it may be a little later depending on entries and availability of the team.  We'll then give everyone the opportunity to like their favourite(s) during August/September. This will be taken into account by the team and the winner/runners up will be announced at the end of September.  Please note, the teams decision will be the important one and may not be the same as the public vote, though that will clearly be a major factor in the decision.  



What will you do with the photos?


We'll use the photos for advertising and driving awareness of DorsetFest so by entering you are giving us the rights to use the photos online or in print.  This may also involve adapting the photo (for example changing the shape or creating a collage).  Wherever possible we will credit the photographer, but this may not always be possible.



What about privacy?


We will take individuals privacy extremely seriously.  Having said that, in attending the festival there is a probability that we will all end up in a photograph or two, so there is a degree of consent that is assumed.  All we ask is that you do everything in your power to  ensure that you have their permission, especially if it's of an individual.  Also, if anyone asks you to remove a photo that they are in, please delete it and do not submit.  


If anyone sees a photo we've used that they are unhappy with, then please e-mail us on and we will remove it as quickly as possible.  We will always aim to ensure images appear on our social media and website before being shared externally to ensure we retain control of the image and give individual's a chance to contact us if there is a problem





Have we missed anything?  If so, please e-mail us at:  

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by Lyn Fox


It's always hard to get a good shot at night and we think Lyn did a great job capturing Ron with the movement and colours

Benny and Milo Sound  Management


by Charlotte House


The sound at #DorsetFest was amazing and it must be down to Milo, the youngest sound engineer in Dorset

Rest at Last


by Rachel Wood


Sleeping at a festival might seem strange, but we take this shot of Woody as a tribute to all the hard work by the volunteers to bring #DorsetFest to life

2017 Winner