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15-16th June 2018

No Alcohol - adapted

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Please note that you will be directed to a separate website who will take payment securely

Tickets are available to buy in advance through Ticket Source, or on the gate on the day.  Camping Tickets must be purchased before midnight on Monday 11th June. All Festival Tickets must be purchased before midday on Friday 15th June and must be printed out to show at the gate

Dogs welcome

Disabled welcome

We want everyone to have a great day, but to ensure that alcohol is only served to over 18's, DorsetFest will have the following in place:


Challenge 25 - Anyone fortunate enough to look under 25 purchasing/drinking alcohol will be asked for suitable photo id


Only alcohol served at the festival will be permitted so please do not try to bring alcohol into the festival as we would hate to have to refuse entry

Children welcome


Children: DorsetFest will be providing childrens entertainment as safely as possible, but children remain the responsibility of their parents and should be supervised at all times.  This is an outdoor event on a working farm with a lot of people and it is the parents responsibility to ensure their child is safe.  In the event of any problems or conerns on the day, please raise the issue with one of the DorsetFest team.

Disabled Access: The festival is a short distance from the car park, but as the festival is on the side of Bulbarrow Hill there are some slopes to negotiate and the ground can be uneven. We will also do whatever we can to ensure that any disabled person can enjoy DorsetFest including providing transport between the two.  However it should be noted that the event is outdoors and there are elements that we cannot control. Since being founded in 2014 we have been successful in ensuring disabled access, but if you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us via the website links or simply make your requirements known on the day.

Dogs: DorsetFest welcomes dogs and responsible owners and fresh water is available on site.  We do request that owners keep their dogs under control at all times and clean up after them as necessary.

FESTIVAL TICKETS           Online:            On Gate:


Friday 15th June -  From 6pm:

Adult (16+)                           £TBC               £TBC

Child (2-16)                          £TBC               £TBC

Family                                  £TBC               £TBC


Saturday 16th June - From Midday:

Adult (16+)                          £TBC               £TBC

Child (2-16)                         £TBC               £TBC

Family *                               £TBC               £TBC


* 2 adults + 2 children

Loads of FREE parking available on site

Litter: DorsetFest is based on a working farm so to avoid risk to sheep and ponies after the event, please can you place all litter in the bins provided.

Out Of Bounds: As the festival takes place on a working farm, there are hazards which may not be immediately obvious, but require those areas to be fenced off.  These areas will be clearly marked on the the day and for your own safety, please ensure that you or any children do not go beyond the markers.

Disabled Access Do Not Litter - Adapted Dogs Welcome Kids Welcome No Alcohol - adapted No Entry - Adapted

Alcohol:  At DorsetFest we want everyone to have a great time, but in order to ensure that alcohol is served appropriately, we will be running a Challenge 25 approach where anyone who is lucky enough to look under 25 will be asked to produce suitable photo id before they are served (or if they are seen drinking alcohol on site).  If you think this might affect you, please bring a suitable form of id to avoid any misunderstandings.  Please also note that as part of this approach, only alcohol purchased on site can be consumed at the festival.  To ensure this, we may ask you to allow us to inspect your bags and if refused then we reserve the right to refuse entry and no refunds will be given to pre-paid tickets.

These conditions are in place to try and ensure that everyone at DorsetFest has a great time and remains safe.  Failure to follow these may result in individuals being asked to leave the festival at the organisers discretion.  In that event there will be no refunds

We want everyone who visits DorsetFest to have a great time, but there are always some conditions you should be aware of to help try to ensure this


Only alcohol sold at festival

is permitted

Dogs Welcome Kids Welcome Disabled Access parking Buy now

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Friday Night                          £TBC               Not Available

Saturday Night                      £TBC               Not Available

Friday & Saturday Night       £TBC               Not Available


Includes festival entry tickets for 2 adults + 2 children. Additional tickets must be ordered separately