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26th - 27th June 2020 


Revel Inn



Kids Fun

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Holistic Zone

This year our Hollistic Zone will be run by the wonderful Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre who will be offering meditation, yoga and general relaxation all day on Saturday. You will be able to find them down the hill from the main festival feild in the large white marquee.


You will be able to book on the day. However, if you want any more information or want to gaurantee a space please contact


Please note that the classes are suitable for all abilities. It is recommended that particpants wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.


We hope you enjoy this perfect oppurtunity to relax in the country!

8.30-9.00am Meditation



9.30-10.30am Yoga for All



11.15-1.45pm Therapies



2.00-3.00pm Relaxation and Yoga Nidra Class



3.15-6.15pm Therapies

Timetable of Activities

Activity Details

Sharon Cox-Burton

The lovely Sharon who runs Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre will be offering meditation, general yoga and relaxation throughout the day. Sharon and her team are garunteed to make you feel wonderful with the incredible aray of skills.


Jane Collison

Sharon is joined by the wonderful Jane who will be offering kinesiology, chakra & meridian balancing, or aromatherapy hand massage (with warm organic oils and essential oils)


Rebecca Shalts

Rebecca will be offering incredible reflexology


Eli Button

Eli who trained with Body Wisdom School of Traditional Thai massage will also be present to offer incredible Thai Yoga Massage