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26th - 27th June 2020 


Revel Inn



Kids Fun

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Warren Farm, Bulbarrow DT11 0HQ

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Check in here for more news about DorsetFest acts, stalls and anything else we can think of that you may find of use. Please feel free to contact us if there's anything you'd like us to include.

By DorsetFest, Jun 2 2017 04:00AM

Following the success at DorsetFest 17 we're pleased to confirm we'll have the Pimm's tent up and running again at DorsetFest 17.

As a bit of fun ahead of the day, why not remind yourself of some of the great adverts that Pimm's have created over the years by visiting their YouTube Channel?

Pimm's website and the Pimm's tent at DorsetFest 2016
Pimm's website and the Pimm's tent at DorsetFest 2016

By DorsetFest, May 12 2017 04:00AM

Deborah Clarke always knew she wanted a career in art. During school work experience at a ceramic studio pouring moulds and fettling, which inspired her joy of ceramics and led to a BA (hons) in Ceramics at Bath Uni. Since completing her degree, Deborah has exhibited across the county and the country.

Deborah firmly believes that there is always a need to have fun with clay - in the design, the creation, the firing or in the way the finished pieces look. She’s taken this passion to develop pop up clay workshops for any age group, from toddler groups to residential care homes. She can tailor make workshops to any themes or ability.

At DorsetFest 17 Deborah’s pop up workshop is focused on air drying clay so you can take away what you make at the festival. She brings lots of tools and textures for you to use. All you need to bring is your imagination. Whether it’s mermaids or Jurassic monsters, rock stars or divas, animal or vegetable, Deborah is on hand to help you make your vision a reality and create a truly unique piece for yourself (or maybe as a sneaky present for Granny or Grandpa).

A selection of examples in various stages of development
A selection of examples in various stages of development

If you’re interested in arranging your own workshop and you can’t wait for DorsetFest, then why not contact Deborah direct on

By DorsetFest, May 5 2017 04:00AM

This is a debate that's even floored Prime Ministers. In April 2015 The Telegraph* reported on how David Cameron stumbled into one of food's fiercest controversies on a trip to a North Devon tea room where he pronounced that the correct way to eat a scone is to put the jam on first, then the cream. This is a point of honour between the people of Devon and Cornwall. In Cornwall it's jam then cream, but in Devon it's cream then jam.

This controversy rages on with celebrity supporters and influential organisations wading in where the brave fear to tread. For example, etiquette gurus Debrett's** say you should spread your jam before dolloping cream on top and a poll from claims that 60% support this view***

So are you one of the majority or one of the right...we mean minority? Either way, we love our cream teas and the ever popular tea tent will be serving delicious homemade cream teas throughout the day.

Lionstar enjoying their cream teas at DorsetFest 16
Lionstar enjoying their cream teas at DorsetFest 16

If you want to avoid the controversy altogether then don't worry. There will also be a great selection of homemade cakes to enjoy along with your cup of Dorset Tea.

A wide selection of homemade cakes will be available at DorsetFest 17
A wide selection of homemade cakes will be available at DorsetFest 17

* The Telegraph

** The Cream Tea Society

*** (and headline image) Somerset Live

By DorsetFest, Apr 22 2017 04:00AM

"Baking was just a hobby at home, I would make bread for the family; then they and friends encouraged me to try and make a living from it." said Chris Wakely in a recent Blackmore Vale article

After going a couple of courses at Panary at Cann Mills to learn more about fermentation and technique, Chris started supplying local shops from his kitchen at home, but needed more space, resulting in a move to Holwell Farm, Cranborne.

The core of the business and priorities is on real and wholesome breads, fermented for much longer than conventional bread to give a much tastier, healthier and more enjoyable product.

"Sourdough is my top seller and has been from day one," said Chris.

"People are seeking out proper craft bread now it's well known that anything fermented for longer is better for the stomach.

"Harmful glutens are broken down or reduced until they are virtually harmless. Even when dry, these breads make excellent toast, breadcrumbs, croutons etc."

Chris will be serving his award winning artisan bread with locally produced Chalke Valley cheese (Taste of Dorset Awards Best Dairy Producer 2015) at DorsetFest 17 as a healthy and delicious ploughmans option, or to take home and enjoy at your leisure.

If you can't wait, Orchard Bay Bakery is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am -1pm and Friday nights for pizza 5.30pm-7.30pm. Find it on the B3078 Alderholt/Fordingbridge road. Turn in at the beer barrels and follow the bakery signs to the farm. The postcode is BH21 5QP.

Read more about Chris and the Orchard Bay Bakery on the Blackmore Vale Magazine here


Telephone: 01725 777001

E-mail: [email protected]

By DorsetFest, Apr 18 2017 04:00AM

Bugfest is a non-profit-making organisation that holds the coolest bug show where you can see (and buy or sell) all sorts of bugs like stick insects, praying mantis, spiders, snakes and much more!

Founded by Nick Wadham, Bugfest has become the most popular educational visit provider in the South West with many school visits to its credit.

Bugfest also specialise in a “Wild and Deadly” style show which can be brought to you. Whether a birthday party or a festival, Bugfest allows you to get close to some of those creatures that can send shudders through you in a safe, educational and fun manner.

A handful of photos from DorsetFest 2016
A handful of photos from DorsetFest 2016

At DorsetFest 17 you'll be able to test how brave you are...!

If you can't wait or you'd like to book Nick and the team for an event of your own why not visit their Facebook Page or website?


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