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26th - 27th June 2020 


Revel Inn



Kids Fun

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Warren Farm, Bulbarrow DT11 0HQ

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Check in here for more news about DorsetFest acts, stalls and anything else we can think of that you may find of use. Please feel free to contact us if there's anything you'd like us to include.

By DorsetFest, Jun 2 2017 04:00AM

Following the success at DorsetFest 17 we're pleased to confirm we'll have the Pimm's tent up and running again at DorsetFest 17.

As a bit of fun ahead of the day, why not remind yourself of some of the great adverts that Pimm's have created over the years by visiting their YouTube Channel?

Pimm's website and the Pimm's tent at DorsetFest 2016
Pimm's website and the Pimm's tent at DorsetFest 2016

By DorsetFest, May 5 2017 04:00AM

This is a debate that's even floored Prime Ministers. In April 2015 The Telegraph* reported on how David Cameron stumbled into one of food's fiercest controversies on a trip to a North Devon tea room where he pronounced that the correct way to eat a scone is to put the jam on first, then the cream. This is a point of honour between the people of Devon and Cornwall. In Cornwall it's jam then cream, but in Devon it's cream then jam.

This controversy rages on with celebrity supporters and influential organisations wading in where the brave fear to tread. For example, etiquette gurus Debrett's** say you should spread your jam before dolloping cream on top and a poll from claims that 60% support this view***

So are you one of the majority or one of the right...we mean minority? Either way, we love our cream teas and the ever popular tea tent will be serving delicious homemade cream teas throughout the day.

Lionstar enjoying their cream teas at DorsetFest 16
Lionstar enjoying their cream teas at DorsetFest 16

If you want to avoid the controversy altogether then don't worry. There will also be a great selection of homemade cakes to enjoy along with your cup of Dorset Tea.

A wide selection of homemade cakes will be available at DorsetFest 17
A wide selection of homemade cakes will be available at DorsetFest 17

* The Telegraph

** The Cream Tea Society

*** (and headline image) Somerset Live

By DorsetFest, Apr 16 2017 05:00AM

We’re delighted to welcome back a fantastic Dorset party band with a fiddle twist – Howling at the Moon. They'll be playing a selection of your favourite party songs, alongside a few jigs and reels to get you up and dancing.

Howling Duo - Playing a Jig - Live at The Crown Inn (Bridport)

Howling Duo - Galway Girl - Live at The Crown Inn (Bridport)

If you're interested in finding out more or book them for an event of your own, why not contact them via their Facebook Page

By DorsetFest, Apr 3 2017 05:00AM

One of our favourite stalls has to be The Ansty Herd Hog Roast. Their succulent pork and crispy crackling are a hard combination to beat!

The Ansty Herd are doing their bit to keep rare breeds alive, in their case the Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs. Their primary focus is on welfare. The pigs are all free range and love nothing more than a crunchy apple and scratch behind the ears. As they say, you’re welcome to visit them and see for yourself!

To keep the breed going they run the hog roast business for private parties and events. Alongside this they also raise these pedigree pigs to sell as registered breeding stock and weaners for people to raise the pigs for themselves. They also sell pork with the best crackling ever, delicious homemade sausages and scrumptious home cured bacon. If you’re looking to source a larger amount, they also sell half and whole pigs, which we can butcher for your requirements.

On top of the delicious hog roast on the Saturday, The Ansty Herd will be doing bacon and egg rolls on the Sunday morning for campers and helpers.

If you want to find out more, or book the team for yourself, why not visit them on their Facebook Page or Twitter

By DorsetFest, Mar 5 2017 04:00PM

We’re delighted to welcome Lionstar to headline DorsetFest 2017.

Lionstar are a unique Reggae/Rock/World fusion band based in the South-West UK and is made up of five multi-talented guys who describe their interests as “Life, Love, Music, Surfing , Travel, Nature, Touring, Music Festivals, meeting true and inspiring people, listening to albums and songs and feeling inspired. One Life Positive vibrations...”

Mixing classic Reggae, with Dub, Rock, Funk, Soul, World, with hypnotic heavy basslines to screaming lead guitars along with true and meaningful, soulful lyrics mashed with tight, funky, technical drums, Lionstar truly are a genre of their own.

Lionstar playing DorsetFest 16
Lionstar playing DorsetFest 16

In 2014 they released their debut album "Feels Like The Right Time" through Music Mill records and is available from Amazon, i-Tunes and Google Play. Since the release, Lionstar have gone from strength to strength. They have toured and appeared with artists such as UB40, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Aswad, Bad Manners and Happy Mondays amongst others at leading festivals around the UK, such as Glastonbury

Some of Lionstars other events leading up to DorsetFest 17
Some of Lionstars other events leading up to DorsetFest 17

We also know they rate the DorsetFest cream teas so if they’re not on stage, there’s a good chance they’ll be in the tea tent!

Lionstar have given us amazing support over the years and helped us get the festival to where we are now. As a result, we’re delighted that we can have them back headlining a range of new acts

If you want to learn more about Lionstar then simply visit and join over 48,000 fans!


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